Hi, I'm Tom.

The Runway is where I write about my experiences building an innovative company, facing failures, and becoming a better leader. Writing helps me, but the lessons I'm learning along the way may be valuable in your journey too.

Paul Graham said, ‘Writing is the best form of thinking’, and I believe that works perfectly for me. Looking at my posts you won’t find any “tips to hack the market”. What you will encounter instead are discussions on the founder's well-being, work performance, thinking traps, decision-making, and so forth.

When I'm not here, I am building an innovative proptech company. REDD's mission is to solve one of the toughest problems of the commercial real estate industry - its transformation into digital.

In my free time, you can find me reading a good book or hitting the pavement for a run.

The Runway
Introducing The Runway
Hi troublemakers! Three months ago I decided to start an adventure and move my private journaling routine into public space. Why? Because writing helps me to calm monkeys jumping around my head, while my findings and thoughts are probably quite universal to the wide…
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My projects

  • REDD Platform - data platform for real estate professionals

  • Finne - commercial real estate marketplace

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